Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks to God

Last Thanksgiving I wrote about my mothers corn bread dressing. How the aromas coming from the holiday cooking brought the memories of my first Thanksgiving dinner after I got married, and my many blessings from God .
Nothing has changed in a year. I still love all those smells from my kitchen and cooking my mothers corn bread dressing makes me smile and feel her close today. I still wish I had asked her more questions thou ...Why do we cook most of the day before Thanksgiving?... Why don't we fix your dressing more times during the year?... Who says pumpkin bread isn't a dessert?

I'm very blessed! Thank you for my God who loves me unconditionally , for my husband who loves me no matter how old I am beginning to look, for my daughters who strengthen me,  for my granddaughter who makes me laugh and feel young at heart, and for my Mom teaching me how to make her corn bread dressing!
"Happy Thanksgiving 2012"
from our home to yours, may it be blessed with many lasting memories 


  1. Betty, yes we are truly blessed. We have so much to be thankful for. So glad the aromas bring back wonderful memories for you! Enjoy your special day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Betty!!

  4. Betty, I am so glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I could almost smell that corn bread dressing!

  5. It is strange to think about all the questions we didn't ask. I keep coming up with more questions that will have to wait to be answered.


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