Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you Mom, for your Cornbread Dressing

Thanksgiving and cooking a turkey always reminds me of my mother. She loved cooking a Thanksgiving meal and stuffing that turkey, but she never ate any! Come to find out years later that she never even liked turkey. She just liked cooking for the family. I remember how the house smelled so good when you woke up because she always cooked her turkey in the middle of the night. It was she that gave me her cornbread dressing recipe and I make it every year for my family. The very first Turkey dinner I ever cooked was by phone with Mom. I must have called her over a dozen times asking her how to make this.... what goes in that?.... how many eggs does it take?.... how do I know when its done?
As my turkey cooks in the oven this morning and the house begins to smell of the holiday aromas coming from the kitchen, it makes me feel like Mom is right there in the kitchen helping me prepare my family's dinner.
I wish I had asked her more questions thou ...Why do you cook Turkey instead of Prime Rib?... Why are we having mashed potatoes instead of baked sweet ones?... Who says pumpkin only comes in pie form?

I'm very blessed! Thank you for my God, who loves me, my husband, who takes care of me, my daughters, who strengthen me, and my granddaughter, who makes me smile each day!
I don't think I ever told Mom how thankful I was for all those hours she worked in the kitchen so many Thanksgiving's ago...
Thank you , Mom, for all the hard work you did and for teaching me how to make your corn bread dressing! Maybe one day my granddaughter will call me for the recipe, who knows...
"Happy Thanksgiving 2011"
from our home to yours, may it be blessed with many lasting memories 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Betty!

  2. What a sweet post! And scrumptuous photos! I can totally relate to your mom not liking turkey--I don't, either, but I'm blessed with a husband who loves to cook and does a bird proud. Thanksgiving dinner by telephone must have been quite the procedure. Hope your Thanksgiving day today was blessed with lots of family who thank you for all you've done!

  3. Great story sis. I never knew that about her dressing. I WILL get it from you...lolo. Thanks for sharing this moment. I miss her very, very much! lv. Sis

  4. OH! I forgot to tell you what I am thankful for:
    I am most Thankful for ALL GOD has provided for me (& my family!)
    I could go on, & on, & on....about how thankful I am for everything, but instead I will end this by saying "I am also so thankful for my little sister, my best friend!"

  5. This post has struck a chord with me. My mom is still alive but she has Alzheimer's and has forgotten much of the things that I remember about her from Thanksgivings past.

  6. I wished I would of gotten it from her, because I don't know how to make cornbread dressing. I did get the fudge recipe from her because the second time I went to Dallas we made fudge I wonder if Marjie remembers it was Christmas? That was the old fashion way to make fudge now you can make it in five min. And I need to make it more often for Roy because he loves fudge! I think you might of been at work Betty when we made it. But any way that is a memory I have at Christmas 1972 with your Mom in the kitchen slaveing over that chocolate to get it just right. Love

  7. hope you had a good Thanksgiving ! I cooked , cleaned , naped .
    love db

  8. What a lovely recounting of your relationship with your Mom. It sounds like you had a perfect holiday. I hope you have a great week as well. Blessings...Mary


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