Thursday, March 10, 2022

The last Date

Can you remember your first date with your husband? I can. I think both of us were a little nervous. After all it was only the first time we had seen each other since we had met at camp just a few years before. We had corresponded through letters for some time. He and a friend had traveled a long way from their job on their day offs so he could spend the weekend to take me out. I can still see him standing on our doorstep wearing a brown cowboy hat and striking me as such a handsome man when I answered the door. He took me to a restaurant my mother worked at on the hilltop of Natchez, Mississippi called "The Printice". Then we went to see the movie," Deliverance". I had already seen it but would watch it again. There was this one scene that I wasn't really wanting to view again where this man is violated and made to squill like a pig. I excused myself thinking I would miss that part but was not gone long enough. I returned to my seat, and you guessed it, the movie was just coming to that scene. Anyway, the movie was soon over and after driving around a short while in Natchez, we stopped at the motel to say goodbye to his friend and then he took me home. I still remember the kiss goodbye at the door. Perfect ending to a first date. It wasnt our only date after that. He drove to see me again in Texas.   

Weve now been married 48 years today and have been on hundreds of dates. I have so many memories to hold in my heart of the places we have seen and travel to, the many restaurants we have dined at, and have even lost count of so many movies we have seen. We still laugh about me trying to avoid that one scene on our first date.

From time to time, I have played this song and when we are all alone, we have slow danced to the music playing softly. With all the things I have shared with my husband throughout the many years, dancing to this song in his arms makes the world go away and the love we have all these years for each other. No date can ever top that in my heart. 

I've asked for this song to be played as I am laid to rest at the grave. This will not be our last date, for I will wait to dance with the love of my life again.

 Last Date by Floyd Cramer