Friday, December 1, 2023

My Camera

Life is so short, yet feels so long. Years turn into months and twelve hours turns into seconds. I’m loosing the time of now and wishing I knew where it all went. As my eyesight worsens and fades I’m realizing that it’s not the time I have left but the photo memories God is still sharing with me. The sunsets, his rainbow, the changing colors of the trees. The beauty in the flowers and the sight of a bird in flight. The smiles on my grandchildren’s faces and the wonder in their eyes. The love of my husband’s kiss and the look he gives me from across a crowded room. 

Time is getting shorter for me and I’m filling it with all the memories I can hold in my mind. I’ll fill it like a camera and develop it in my mind. The colors, the shapes, and even what a smell will remind me of. I’m legally blind now in my left eye and the right eye is fading but I’m okay with what time God has made for me to store up the memories of photos in my mind.

Writing has turned into challenging work  and different types of technology to try.  How long will it be? Time ticks away and days turn into minutes .  I’ll continue to soak it all in like a sponge in the meantime and take one day at a time.