Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Thousand Miles

Today marks my 1000 mile celebration ! I have been in a challenge as most of you know to walk 1000 miles from January to December of this year.
As of today I have walked 1000.40 miles . Cold, hot, fog, rain, and humid weather. Bugs, dogs, cars that won't scoot over, and sore muscles . Most of my walks are so early most of you are probably still in your cozy beds at 5:30 in the morning. Walking with my weapons of protection... Mr 38, police size mace, flashlight, phone, even ...a flashing vest, but my number one protection is my Lord. I can't take theses steps without him! He shows me some of the most amazing sky's of sun rises and sings to me through every bird . He talks to me and keeps me company all the way.

Why do I do it? It hasn't changed my weight, it hasn't made me a muscle body, it hasn't made me an athlete. I walk because I can. One day I won't be able to . One day I won't remember how. One day I will wish I was still able.
Am I finished just because I've walked the 1000 miles? No, I will keep going, see where I get by the last day of December and start all over again.

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