Wednesday, January 3, 2018

There's a fine line between

There's a fine line between last year and this year. Its been crossed and I'm on the other side. I don't like New Year resolutions so I will look forward to the things we have planned for this year. and crossing them off our list. So I will share my top ten...
1. Serve my Lord and Savior everyday, that when my time comes, he will say to me... Well done, my child. I’ve said from the very first day of sharing this blog, that God crosses our paths for a reason. My prayer this year, is that maybe something that’s shared or read on my blog, through my story’s, that my words can be a witness for God. I couldn’t write anything if it wasn’t for him.  I am a Christian and I know  without any dought that I will be in Heaven when I leave this earth. I’m not perfect, no one is but the Father. We all cant help the DNA in our blood.  

2. Started our Countdown and now ready for retirement with my husband as we grow older . We've planned and saved, and planned some more. Now counting down to March 31, 2020...820 days. We may have silver in our hair and wrinkles on our body’s but that doesn’t mean we have to give up fun, going places, laughing, and enjoying each day.

3. Stay out of the doctors offices and hospitals a lot less than we did on the other side of the line. Looking forward to being on Medicare like my hubby. We’ve both worked all our adult life for this and now it’s time to be able to use it. Staying on our health journey as always with proper eating, more exercise, and less stress...and drama

4. Laugh more, share more, and do more with our Grand children because they are the youth of our family and the ones that are learning what we still have to teach them and so many more memories to give them. They are growing up before our eyes. Its going too fast. One moment they are infants in my arms and the next moment your trying to keep up with them. They are teaching us things. They are surprising us with how much they know, how much they do, and how much they are absorbing from life. I want them to look back in their adult life and share the memories they had while growing up with their Nana and Papa. The happy times, the adventures, and the things they learned from us.

5. Write more so my children and grandchildren will have a part of me to keep with them. I’ve written over 275 story’s on this blog. Started out as a place to share my thoughts , but ended up being a place to help me cope. Cope with family and daily drama and with skin cancer and other health problems. Cope with sadness and to celebrate joy. A lot has happened through the years. A lot has changed. I want to share my story’s so my children and grandchildren will be able to reflect on my life when I’m gone. I’m sharing for them, I hope that I can put a smile in someone’s day or help someone that’s searching for answers. A lot of people have read this blog and I hope to keep writing.

6. Hug my family more and tell them daily how much I love them. Have you ever just hugged your husband or your child and you didn’t want to let go? I can be going through the worse day, worse possible situation in life and my husband can hug me, really hug me. His love for me comes over me like a blanket and overwhelms me with his strength, his heart, his caring. I feel like there’s nothing that can hurt me or make me sad while he’s hugging me. I want my girls and my grandchildren to feel that love when I hug them.

7. Travel plans are already made for  Biloxi, Mississippi in March.  Abilene , Texas in May.  And Ft Worth, Texas in October . But there's a few places we want to go in the other ten months. After all, its a big World, and there's still so much to see and do while we can.

8. I want to continue my genealogy search of both mine and my husbands side of the family. I have another blog, a genealogy place to share with all and any of both sides related. I’ve worked, searched, dug, traveled, and researched so much data. I have a lot to share. It’s overwhelming. I starting this passion in the early seventys and I don't want it to be for nothing . I stopped for a while because family didn’t seem interested or just didn’t care. Some wanted me to get it all done and just give them a copy of everything. Some wanted nothing to do with it. I want to pick up where I left off and post more. One day, someone will want to know.

9. We want to finish the things around our house and The Broke 4 Bunk House like repairs, adding the garage, finishing the barn, etc. We want to redo the living room walls and paint the rest of the rooms. Hoping these are all done this year and gives me a challenge to make it get done.

10. And last we want to be here on the last day of this year to cross over that thin line again. We wont rush the days, but will take them one at a time. We will enjoy life as it comes. The good, the bad, the happy, and the sad. God knew before we were ever conceived who we would be, who we would marry, and how our life would turn out in the end.

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