Thursday, March 26, 2015

The cycle of life

Down the road the tears are falling for the loss of a husband and young father of four. The emptiness will be felt for a life time and the memory's in their hearts will overflow. As one child of God leaves this earth to be with his heavenly father, another prepares to take his first breath and new memory's will be made just up the road in the opposite direction. We are all here but just a short while. God knows our life before we were conceived. He knows the choices we will make as we grown up. He knows the time we will leave this earth and how. And then, another soul is placed in the arms of his mother and the cycle of life begins again.
I am sadden for the loss of this family and filled with joy for the one that will be born soon to our daughter. Torn between two emotions! Sadness and tears for one family. Happiness and Joy for another.... The cycle of life.


  1. How difficult to go through something like this! My thoughts and prayers are with you, and with these families!

  2. Jacqi,
    Thank you! I know people face this everyday! I know God is in control.


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