Friday, March 29, 2013

The Sweet Tooth of Easter Message

These candies tell a story~
the best news you'll ever hear.
~It's about Jesus dying on the cross
so that we could be brought near.

So hold them and turn them and you will see...
the "M" become a "W" and an "E" and then a "3"

The "E" stands for... Easter...
God's everlasting love and his eternal plan.

It reminds us of the cross 
and the way God rescued sinful man

The "3" represent the 3 days Jesus spent in the grave...
By his death, His children He did save

The "M" reminds us of the mercy the Messiah showed
as he died in our place.
and the miracle of the resurrection
so we can see Him face to face.

The "W" reminds us...that He alone
is worthy of our worship and praise
and calls us to be His witnesses
around the world for all of our days.

My granddaughter and I made these for Sunday school. We found them on Pinterest. It's a wonderful message to share on Easter.
you need:
copy's of this poem
snack size bags of M&M's


  1. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for passing that along!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I never thought of it that way! It makes you think for sure. Thanks for sharing.! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. By the way thanks for adding your journals to my Link My Blog. It works! LOL!


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