Thursday, August 23, 2012

Babysitting the other Grand today

Remember when I last kept her and she escaped from her play pen ?
Shes older now and much more trusting. She still loves that attention her Nana gives her and yes, she still loves her teething ring. I hope she doesn't break her teeth on it ...
Her mommy dresses her so cute and takes good care of her. She gets that mothering quality from me I guess.
I took her to see Papa's horses and told her how Baby girl loves them. I don't think she liked them much! She also has that family instinct about not wanting her photo made and never looking at the camera.  

Shhhh....Don't wake her, shes taking a nap now, properly dreaming about what sort of trouble she can get into while staying at Nana and Papa's
(Geo is a French Bulldog)


  1. hide the barbies I think she is dreaming of them ! Wow a week with nana . Baby girl may not like that .

  2. It's not quite the same as your grand daughter is it!? What a hoot!!

  3. LOLOLOLO!!! Soooooo Cute!!! I agree you better hide the barbies.


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