Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My other Grandchild is a Dog

This week... well, really since Friday, I am dog sitting our granddog, Geo. She's a French Bulldog. Take in mind that I have only dog sat three different dogs and only for my family. In the 80's I watched my parents dog, Candy, a French poodle who was old and deaf. I let her out to go to the rest room one night and she ran into the street. I was banging on the glass door screen and yelling for her to get back here when my hand went threw the glass. We had that dog since I was ten years old and she lived a long life.
Fast forward to last year and I dog sat my brothers Yorkie, Sassy, while he was in the hospital in my hometown and her mommy stayed at the hospital. We became pretty good friends seeing that at first she didn't like me. She and Geo are the only two dogs I have ever let in my house.
When my youngest asked me to watch her dog while they went on vacation, I said sure, just bring all the necessary dog things so she wont be all over the house. Ya see, she sleeps in a portable baby bed and stays behind baby gates when her parents are at work. So, my daughter brought the baby bed and three baby gates and I sat up a doggie area in my sun room.  I rolled up the rug and removed it from the room. I sat one of the longer gates in front of my sliding door so she couldn't tare up the blinds and the other long one in front of the folding doors that lead into the washroom so she couldn't get in there. After sitting up the baby bed and adding a whole lot of her chew toys, water, food bowl, and a floor doggie bed, I took the smaller of the gates and blocked the door back into the living room at the top of three steps. That way she could hear the TV noise, see us, and play in a safe area. I was all set for the night, or so I thought....
After taking her outside that first night for a walk and putting her in the baby bed, I sat off for bed myself. She barked and wined for over thirty minutes and so that we could get some sleep I brought the baby bed in my bedroom and told her to go to sleep. As soon as she saw that we were in the room in our bed, she started snoring. That little mess! Your parents have really spoiled you or you got one over on me. That was only the first night.  And did I mention she cried at three in the morning because she had to go out?
The next day after she was all taken care of we had planned a trip with our granddaughter to the Monroe Zoo and then she would come stay the night with us.  The granddaughter and the granddog...I can do this...piece of cake....
I put Geo in the baby bed with all her toys and the doggy bed so she would be comfy and safe. Our granddaughter arrived early and brought several of her Barbie's for us to play while she was there. I told her it was OK to leave the dolls in the living room and that we would finish playing that night...So off we go from  home that morning around ten and after having a wonderful day at the Zoo, eating out, riding the Carousel in the Mall,  we returned home about 4. As I opened the door of our home thinking I bet Geo was ready to get out of that baby bed, her she comes, barking and running. How did you get out, I say? OH NO...This was the scene in my living room

There was doll hair everywhere! It looked like a crime scene with body's and hair all over the place. This is how she escaped....

 That night I had to push the baby bed against a wall so the hole she made in her baby bed was up against it and  I covered it with a blanket so she couldn't see it. The next day was Sunday and I had to leave her in the Sun room  behind the gates. Remember, I had doggy proofed that room  to keep her in , or so I thought! Returning from Church this is what we found...
She had managed to chew the gate to a splintering mess and knock it down the stairs, escaping once more!.
How could something this small, this cute, be a mess. Its as if she was a toddler in trouble, getting into mischief and smiling about it.  
 I packed her up and decided to spend two nights and three days at her own home where she could run and play, go in her fenced in back yard without being on a lease, and be able to get on the furniture. That's what she's needing...She's home sick!
She was still a mess! She loves for you to chase her and play with every toy she pulls out of her toy basket. She thinks she has to sleep right up against you if you sit down on the couch. And she can pass gas worse than a human, which she did several times when I took her for a ride in the car today. She's quicker than lightening and snores so loud, ya wonder how that sound comes from that flat little nose. She's made me laugh a hundred times and doesn't leave my side. She has really been spoiled, but she's really loved. This is only Tuesday, were going back to my house tomorrow until her mommy and daddy come home this weekend. I hope they bring me a T-shirt from their vacation that says my other grandchild is a dog.
Shhhh... Dont wake her up! Shes being good!


  1. What a cutie pie :) Even if he is a bit of a terror!

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Betty, you most definitely have your hands full. So sorry to see such a crime scene and I hope the granddaughter wasn't to upset.

    Such destruction comes in small packages...I feel for you, don't let her out of your sight.


  3. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Good thing we can spoil them and give them back! But I always wanted another girl and my Sassy (Yorkie) she was a rotten little girl getting into everthing also,but now she is an old lady(6 years old). Hope Summer had a good vacation! Did you tell her Nan Na is wore out Ha Ha? Love RH

  4. She is a mess!! As I read your blog I laughted till I cried..lololo (GOT-TO-LOVE-HER!)

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    what a BAD dog ! hope the dolls are going to be ok .haha


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