Thursday, December 1, 2011

iPad 2 Giveaway...and I won!

I have the most exciting news to share...
Last month Jana, over at "A Doctor and a Nurse "had their second iPad 2 Giveaway and I won!
 "The rules were" ..
They wanted to learn a little bit more about their followers!
  • One entry per person. 
  • To submit your entry just leave us a comment and tell us the following:  Excluding your children and spouse, what are you most passionate about in life?  In other words, if your children and spouse were to go away this weekend and you had nothing but free time (dream on) what would you spend your time doing? All of which I answered in my top 5 things I would do!
  • And you got one additional entry if you signed up for an email subscription to their blog.
The drawing was on Thanksgiving and as my Holiday dinner was cooking, I sat down to check emails and read a few of my favorite blogs. I thought I was dreaming when I saw this on Jana's Blog...
Happy Thanksgiving iPad 2 Giveaway Winner 
Written on November 24, 2011 by adoctorandanurse in GIVEAWAYS
We are delighted to announce that the winner of the iPad 2 is….drum roll… weird American idol wait forever music….pause…
#3 Betty
We learned a lot about Betty because here is her comment:
“Wow… what I can say I would truly do for me ….I’m glad the question wasn’t if I had one day to live. top 5
1. My passion is walking, so I still would start my day with a 4 mile brisk walk, while the birds are singing along every step of the path I’m taking. The Squirrels playing from tree to tree. The clouds painting the sky and the wind blowing just enough breeze to keep the humid air circulating.
2. I would eat a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and cinnamon with sliced banana..I can almost taste it now!
2. I own a Dry Heat Sauna, so relaxing in my sauna while listening to the music as the heat soothes away the tension and the cares of the world around me. I can clean my body from the unhealthy and harmful toxins as the sweat pours out of my pours from the heat.
4. I’d spend an hour long tub soak in my whirlpool tub while lavender scent candles help relax me and the tension from my neglected muscles.
5. I properly would put on my most comfortable sweat pants, wear no make-up, and curl up in the oversize chair and read a good book while not hearing the dryer in the back ground or the TV blaring out commercials.
OUCH…Did ya have to pinch me and wake me up?”

Congratulations Betty! Email us and we will get your iPad shipped out to you tomorrow!
Betty is a regular visitor here at and we are so happy that we can send her an iPad of her very own.  She has her own blog as well (actually, several)  Efudex and My Skin Cancer Journal, The Bunk House,  Just Thoughts on a Blog Be sure to take a gander because she has an incredible story to share.  Plus, she is a really nice person who will brighten your day, so be sure to say hello when you visit.  You may just have a friend for life.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, friends. Thank you so much for your love, kindness and friendship.  I wish you all the happiest of seasons.  Be sure to check back often because you never know when the next shiny giveaway might just pop up.
God Bless, Doc and Jana

If I'm dreaming...wake me up after I play with the iPad...It's so much fun! 


  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations Betty!

  2. What an exciting Thanksgiving surprise! So glad you won! Congrats.

  3. Congratulation Sis! I am glad you won. I hope you allow me to play with it...lolo...I want to be the next winner.
    Just Another Day "2retirednewmans"

  4. The way you'd spend your day sounds like fun!!
    Congrats on the win! What a fun prize!!


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