Friday, November 9, 2018

Cowboy Gathering at the Stockyards 2018

There is a place in Texas we like to visit this time of year in Ft Worth. A place that once we park our truck and step onto the old cobble brick streets, magic begins to happen. The people change, the stress diminishes, and life moves into a different era and time in history. 
If you watch, you will see a real life Wagon Train come in and set up on the fresh grass. They unhitch the team, set up the Chuck Wagons and all their supply's. They dig some pits and get the coals real hot. Soon the smell of homemade biscuits and peach cobbler fill the air with such sweet smells. 

You can watch the Longhorn's driven down the old streets by real wranglers. Their horns are stretched out further than you can reach out from end to end.


Listen close and the fiddles are playing up on the front steps of the old Auction area and the boots are tapping in time. 
You don't have to look too far if your looking to shop for a new hat, a pair of fancy boots and spurs that jingle, or even some leather chaps. There are shops and vendors all around selling their western wares.


My Cowboy takes my hand and we walk on down the brick street, running into old friends and meeting new ones. We sit a spell in a place called the H3, where the steaks are tender, the homemade bread is hot, and the tea is fresh. Right next door is one of the oldest hotels of the past where Cowboys and cattle barons, and even an outlaw or two have hung their hat up and laid their head.
We find our selves later resting a while down at the old Train station, surrounded by Cowboys and Cowgirls. I could sit there for hours as the Cowboy Poets tell their old story's and a wild tale or two. I soak in every word and can imagine that I'm living in each story told.

As the evening hours fall we head on over to the Cowtown Coliseum, find a seat, and watch some of the best Ranch's around compete in a real ranch rodeo. Its not your normal rodeo thou and if you've never seen one, its a must to add in your life. There's Ranch sorting, Wild Bronc riding, Branding, and even Wild Cow Milking. Ya know, the normal things they do daily on the ranch for a living. Ranches compete against each other to be the top Cowboy Wranglers.
After the Rodeo if your feeling up to staying up late, you can go listen to "Red Steagall and The Boys ",from the Bunkhouse, play some two stepping tunes and spin your Cowgirl around the dance floor.


Then our weekend trip comes to the end of the trail and we pack up, get back in our truck, and travel back home to our corner of the world in Louisiana. Back to The Broke 4  home  place where we try to carry on that era in time we love so much....The Cowboy way of life!  


Its where the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering is every year and we have attended fifteen years.