Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Old House

Thirty seven years ago we moved to Louisiana. We lived in a house that we rented in town for the first two years and then moved into a house provided by the Oil company that my husband works for. Then in 2001 we were able to buy the house we lived in from the company, along with a total of five acres. We gutted most of the house and remodeled it to our liking.  We added a new bathroom, walk in closet, sunroom, new laundry room, and new kitchen. New ceramic floors, new appliances, and all new cabinets, were just a few of the extras. Finishing that project we moved on to gut the small office on our land and turning it into our Bunk house for guests. Renting it from time to time for getaways.
The Bunk House
on The Broke 4 home place

Then we moved on to a new barn and built a roping arena in the back of our land. Seems like the projects never stop.
Now we fast forward to four months ago, sixteen years later and were at it again. Our place has been paid for many years back and it needed a face look before my husband retires. We started by pulling up all the carpet indoors and having wood floors laid  throughout the house, then we started on the outside of the house last month.... So the hammering, drilling, and noise began again taking off the old siding and putting Red Barn Tin on the complete house. The house was finally finished this week and we love the new look...
 While under construction
Before and After

Through all the stress of another project and dealing with contractors, I have stepped back and took time to reflect on this old house, our home of so many years.
This is the house that we raised two beautiful daughters in.
This house is where chickenpox and measles were quarantined. This is the house where our girls raised pigs, horses, chickens. and rabbits. Where sand crabs lived in a bowl, pet hamsters escaped from their cages, and parakeets flew out the front door. This is the house where Santa put smiles on our children's faces, where the Easter bunny hid his eggs all over the yard, and birthday party's and sleep overs heard lots of laughter. This is also the house where many tears were shed, daughters brought their husbands to be , and bedroom soon became empty. This is the house where family gathered for a funeral and where family gathered for reunions. This is the house where now our grandchildren play and a new generation grows up all over again, right before our eyes....
But, the more important thing about this old house... Its the house that God blessed us with, gave us those memories, and continues to pour his blessing on.  This is the house where we will die one day.
Our project list still has a few things to do, like the two vehicle garage were adding next on the left end of the house, finishing the stalls in the barn, and adding a new closed in  tool shed. will the list be complete, probably not. But this old house is ours.