Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas 2018 Newsletter


Dear Santa,
I know we are a little old for wanting to send you a letter, but as you know we have three grandchildren and we want to do things they want to do. So, we thought a lot about this Santa, and here is our 2018 wish list. We'll make it small and easy for you, so we have shortened it to our top five wishes. By the way, we thought we would share with our family and friends this year in case they want to write you too. So, here’s our list...
1.      At least 250 acres with a two story, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, log home. Must have 3 car garages, roping arena, large barn and pool.
2.      At least 100 head of Black Angus cattle and 20 head of Quarter horses.
3.      At least 4 billion dollars in our checking account and double that in our savings.
4.      At least 2 new Dodge Trucks, 1 club cab John Deer Tractor, and a 4-horse slant with living quarters horse trailer.
5.      At least be able to pay all the taxes on the above gifts you are bringing me.
Ok, that just put us both on the naughty list, so we want to change that list….
          Love of my God
          Love of my family
          Good Health
Oh, by the way Santa, I know we don’t have to remind you to take those boots off this year when you come in the house and for once, can ya put your dirty glass and plate in the sink before you go?

 There's something truly magical

that happens right on course,

he comes while you are sleeping,

him and his mighty horse.

 His name is Bubba Clause,

perhaps you have heard of him before,

he lives with Mrs. Clause,

on The Broke 4.

 He has a factory,

where they make lots of western toys,

special toys just for you

all the little good cowgirls and cowboys.

 On Christmas Eve, he loads his wagon,

presents and all.

He shouts the name of every horse,

they nay to his call.

 They begin to fly up in the sky,

their journey takes to flight,

and Bubba Clause knows he has little time before,

nighttime turns light.

 He comes down the chimney,

furnace, or front barn door,

scratches his beard and goes to work

putting presents on the wooden floor.

 He eats the milk and cookies,

so quiet and discreet.

I never hear or see him,

he's gone within a blink.

 As the morning barely creeps,

I run to see the tree,

presents are so pretty,

packaged with love for you and me.

 The note says from Bubba Clause,

I yeehaw with delight,

Thank you, Santa.

I’ll look for you on next year’s Christmas Night. 

This year went by so fast. Our three grandchildren are growing up before we can blink. Emily 12, Jake 3, and Holly also is 3. Where does the time go? James and I have starting our count down to his retirement in 2020 and can’t wait to see where it leads us in our golden years of life. We want to wish all our family and friends a blessed and Merry Christmas with your family’s and may God bless all of you in the New Year!
James & Betty