Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sandbox

sand2  Outside, under our carport, is a little blue pool that my husband filled with sand last Summer for our grandchild. We spent a lot of time out there, digging, piling the sand, shoveling, and burying the farm people. The winter has now come and gone and its time for play again in the sandbox. I can hear the giggles now, see the little feet digging into the coolness of the sand underneath, and see the smiles on the face of our most precious thing in life.
Don't you wish our life's were like that sandbox? That we could giggle all day and dig our feet deeper into the coolness of the sand ? Instead we are caught up in the day by day things of living too fast, too noisy, too commercialized, too much work, too much worry, and way too little laughter.
The innocence of a little child is a blessing from God. My granddaughter is teaching me that life is  much better when you dig your feet deeper into the cool sand, enjoy life as it is, and giggle!


  1. what great insite and so true.

    I had one of my best summers last year because I was in the right place to enjoy my children.

    I selfishly sometimes make them laugh just so I can hear them giggle. Slowing down to hear a childs laughter is a great way to get through the day!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true! :o) This brought a smile to my face.

    I can't wait to get to the ocean again!

  3. This makes me happy. :)

  4. I just visited my grand daughter and I love it. We had a girls day and it was great.

  5. watching them laugh,smile and learning how to do big things to them,like how to walk and ride a trike. Is just so much fun with my two youngest grand babies. they grow up so fast our oldest grand son is 14 years old. He is moving into adult hood and i know that the stress of life will be coming upon him to where he will be responsible for his own self. I take lots of movies so when we all get togather and the grand kids can laugh at what their parents use to look like when they where little and what they use to look like when they where babies and the cute things they use to do. I'm Glad you are hv a good time with her Betty she is your Precious one!!

  6. I love spending time with my grandson! He makes us laugh and brings out the child in us as well. I also enjoy spending time with Emily. She is so beautiful and smart. It's fun to listen to her talk. She has so much to share. Small children are like spondges.


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