Thursday, September 6, 2018

Who I am

The child in me started in Gods plans before I was born.
The child in me grew up. 
The child in me met a boy, fell in love, married and had our own children to play house with.
The child in me still looks back through my eyes as an old lady looks back in my mirrors image. 

The wife in me vowed to love him till I die.
The wife in me has loved him through sickness and health.
The wife in me has stood by his side for better and worse.
The wife in me has loved him more and more for almost 45 years.
The wife in me will live in paradise together one day.

The mother in me was pretend when playing with my dolls. 
The mother in me learned how to be a mother, babysitting for a family still dear to me now.
The mother in me became real life after giving birth to two beautiful girls who are now grown up mothers themselves.
The mother in me changed rolls when my own Mother needed me the most.
The mother in me recharged as I held my three grandchildren, each one filling my heart with love and joy.

The Christian in me asked God into her life a long time ago.
The Christian in me knows I am His child.
The Christian in me is still learning from the Father.
The Christian in me is not a perfect person and askes for forgiveness everyday.
The Christian in me awaits His return and is ready.

The child in me misses her mother.
The wife in me misses her mother.
The mother in me misses her mother.
The Christian in me will see her mother.

I will always be the daughter of a Mother who raised me a Child, a Wife, a Mother, and a Christian.

2/12/1929 - 9/6/1998