Monday, July 31, 2017

My Sister

Its been a year this month since I saw my Sister, Margie. She will be flying in tomorrow and we have a lot planned to see and do.
My sister and I have been very close for many years and I can truly say we are best friends . She never judges me, criticizes, Cuss me, nor blame me for any past argument's or disagreements.
She and I are so much alike even thou there is six years between us, her being the older one. We have been on more trips that I can count and many vacations shared with our husbands. We have been to Hawaii twice, California, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, and Missouri, and so many more places.
This time last year we were in Mississippi and Florida. I saw her again last year in Arizona where we both did a 5k for breast cancer. She is now a soon to be four year Breast Cancer  survivor. I really don't think there is anything she nor I would not do for each other. I am looking forward to the next eleven days and some new memories to make with each other.
Do you have a sibling whos your friend? Cherish them! They will be gone one day. I know I would be lost without her.

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