Friday, March 31, 2017

Turning Sixty two

Shut the front door....No way! How does turning Sixty-two creep up on a person without even giving notice? I look in the mirror everyday and the person looking back has been a stranger for a long time now. I just thought we had a house guest who was sharing my vanity mirror and wouldn't scoot over . Then there has been the different size cloths hanging in my closet that I thought the cleaners had mixed up with someone else's laundry pickup. I was wondering why here lately that I was called Mam a lot and given senior citizen rates when I go out to eat or see a show. I thought they were talking to the person behind me in line. Even my hair dresser has mentioned a lot this year that I should cut my hair really short and start coming weekly for a set and curl. She even suggested she could take care of all that gray showing.  I was pretty sure she was just wanting a weekly check for another regular customer and told her that was not gray, it was frosting naturally. Then to top it off, the Social Security office started depositing checks in my bank account and I chalked it up as a bonus for working all those years. I've also noticed that my oldest granddaughter is as tall as me and that I have to keep looking up instead of looking forward. I was just guessing it was from not wearing high heels anymore.
I have noticed that my memory was lacking and I have to go through a list of roll call names before someone answers me. My grandmother and Mom did that and I thought they just didn't remember who I was.........
Now what were we talking about? Oh yea....turning 62....I guess there is a plus side to that....I'm still alive, still active, still in love, still able to drive, still remember who I am....and I'm only 22646 days old.

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