Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Forgave a long time ago

The passing of a loved one is suppose to be sad. It should be, right? A week ago, I was contacted of the passing of a relative. Learning of this news only saddens my heart for the life he lived. There aren't a lot of happy memories to share about growing up knowing him. Sure, I have lots of photos but that's all they are. I've had a lot of years to come to terms that one day I would get that call.
Am I bitter towards the person he was? No. Did I love him or even care? Yes. Did I forgive the past and the life I knew of this person? Yes.
My Pastor and I talked one day in his office about what God expects of us and forgiveness. I shared with him the memories I blocked, the people involved, the pain, and even the attacking of so many judging me. Let me share with you what he told me.
His wife before they were married and newly engaged was kidnapped off the Walmart parking lot in Monroe, Louisiana one Sunday after church in the afternoon. Her abductor drove her to a deserted road, rapped and stabbed her several times and slit her throat. He left her for dead. She was the daughter of a local minister and raised in a Christian home, but as she lay there not knowing if she was dyeing, she questioned God. How could he allow this to happen? She questioned her faith. God gave her his answer...He sent a couple who was lost in their driving directions down that dirt road where they were able to call 911. She lived which was Gods miracle. Her mind healed, but she struggled with forgiveness. God answered her again and gave her the peace she was seeking. She forgave that person , in her heart, of what he did.
My Pastor told me several scriptures, explained that God doesn't want you to keep evil around you, nor bath in Satins playground. You can forgive, truly forgive and move on. It doesn't mean to their face. His wife didn't have to go to Angolia Prison to hug and tell her attacker he was forgiven. She forgave him in her heart. As I have forgiven in my heart those that attacked me. Her and I may never forget the pain, but we don't have to bath in the presence of the enemy.
I am sorry for the loss of this person, for his family. My prayer is that he asked God's forgiveness first and that he forgave those he once knew.


  1. It's always sad when someone passes away. Even though Fred left too many sad memories behind, forgiveness has always been in my heart. I do believe he made his peace with GOD before he passed away. RIP Fred. Betty, your story regarding your pastor's wife was very heartfelt! She sounds like a very strong woman!

    1. Things could have been different when we were at his house but he choose to live alone and as my preacher said .... you forgive and stay away from evil things and evil people who can not change.


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