Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Half way there

Your half way through the Challenge . A lot of people think they could never do this but secretly want to. What would you tell them?
I would tell them to just do it! You have to grin and bear it, have perseverance, the mindset for a healthier body, and the feeling of accomplishment no matter what! It's really not about the miles, it's about getting off that couch and moving that body!
Is there anything else you would like to say?
Challenger ...
Yes, I would like to thank God for his protection from the elements, the animals, and even the bugs as I walk. He pushes me up hills and drags me down them the next. Each step I make is with him. I cannot do this without him!
Will you finish the challenge and make 1000 miles ?
With flying colors! 
I love to walk! Most mornings I'm out before Sunrise and have been walking, sometimes running, for the last eight years since I retired. Yes, its hard to get out in different weather elements or when my joints hurt, but I just have that drive that keeps me going. My mother loved to walk and I guess I get it from her.
I am in a year challenge to get 1000 miles from January of this year to December. I'm at that half way mark and there's no stopping me now.
Walking is my quite time with my Lord and Savior. No matter how I feel, I know he is with me every step. Just like the Reporter asked, " Will I  finish the challenge and make 1000 miles?" Yes, with God I can do all things, for it is he that gives me the strength!

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