Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Abominable Snowman and Big Foot

I crawled out of my warm bed this morning really not wanting to get out in the cold for a walk. I soon was fully awake and took on the roll of getting dressed with the “Twelve Layers of Christmas” song still left on my mind from the holidays. Y'all know the one....

On the twelfth day of Christmas my closet gave to me… One full pair of Thermal underwear, one pair of Insulted jog pants, a pair of wool socks, one headlight glow hat, one gray sweat shirt, one Red hooded jacket, two pair of wool gloves, one pair of hand warmers, and a pair of walking tennis shoes….

Did you sing? …I did as I walked to get my mind off the chilling winds of 27 degrees and cold wind chills , that was until my tongue froze to the top of my mouth! All these layers were dragging my walk down and I must have looked like an Abominable snowman as I walked down the road. Was I warm? I was really quite warm…. except for my toes, my fingers, and my Red nose!! The cold road was not blocked out thru the pair of wool socks .Nor was there any feeling left in my fingers, even if I did have on those two pair of gloves and a hand warmer in each one!!! What was I thinking? Why am I out here? I have only seen three other morning souls who braved the cold this morning besides me since school is still out here at home and they were all in metal boxes with four rubber tires and a heater! Is that sweat I feel running down my back? …Oh no!... Now I have my own personal ice sickle!

I can see my house up ahead and a rush of crossing the finish line kicks in but now I can see in the woods beside me that Big foot is now following me. I'm guessing he wants my warm layer of clothing. I make it back to my front door as fast as I can and I will soon be warm, not by the heat on the other side of my door, but the warmth of the celebration of knowing I finished six miles without turning into an ice cube, I did what I love, and I didn't get my clothes taken by Big Foot! May your day be as warm as mine!

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