Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Christmas Blessing

On the last day of November, early in the morning, I stood in the doorway near the delivery room and heard this tiny cry. At that moment my heart was over flowing with love and the excitement of the arrival of our third grandchild. Holly Rayne was born only seven pounds and one ounce.
My life flashed back in time to my first born and my mother waiting in the hallway for me to deliver. I know how she felt now! I know what feelings and love she was bursting to share!
I've been blessed to have this feeling twice before when my other Granddaughter and our only Grandson were born. I still feel it when I hold them and I look into those tiny faces. God fills my heart over and over each time. When my second child was born it was just my husband and I and the doctor. I delivered Hollys mother with only the coaching from my husband and was home on the same day. Things have changed so much in the delivery rooms now. Baby's are born in the labor rooms and C-sections in a small room down the hall. That's where I heard the cry of my third grandchild. Shortly afterwards, my son in law came walking down the hall holding this tiny little bundle like he had done this before. I could see the love in his face....
A few days past and Holly was admitted to the NICU in Shreveport for breathing problems but is now home and doing better. Hundreds of people were praying for this little girl and God heard every prayer. She's home now and doing good. She truly is a Christmas blessing!!!


  1. Betty, you've been on my mind for the past couple weeks. Glad to know about this bundle of joy and her recuperation from the breathing problems. Congratulations on another sweet grandchild!

  2. Hi Jacqi,
    I know, I've been missing your comments and posts. My blogs haven't been working and I can't seem to get blogspot to fix them. Icons and photos don't work from my laptop. Browser is still Chrome. Nothing's been changed. I can't see my followers . I can edit. I posted this one from my iPhone yesterday and it's really hard to do that. I don't think the photos showed up with my post either. I hope I get it fixed so I can get back to blogging. I've missed so much. I hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

    1. Actually, the photo didn't show up when I first saw your post...but I knew it was of an adorable little one, even if I couldn't see it :)

      But now I can see the photos. So sweet! Hope everything gets straightened out for you with Blogspot.

      Merry Christmas to you and all your family!

    2. Thank you, Jacqi,
      Merry Christmas to you also!


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