Thursday, February 12, 2015

There is a celebration going on today

There is a celebration going on today. A birthday party that I didn't get an invitation to so I couldn't R.S.V.P.  I'm there thou in my mind. I can shut my eyes and see all the family gathered around. I can hear the chorus of songs being sung by an amazing choir. I see the table set for the perfect party and the decorations are beyond what words could ever describe. Shut your eyes....can you see it? 
The celebration today is for two special women. Two twin sisters. Two mothers of five children , each having two sons, three daughters. Two women who passed away from the same disease of IPF. 
Zadie and Zanie were born February 12, 1929. My Mom passed away September 6, 1998 and my Aunt Zanie passed away March 20, 2010. 
One day, I will receive that invitation to their party and join in the celebration but today I can only shut my eyes and watch.
Happy Birthday Mom! Happy Birthday Aunt Zanie! I love and miss you both.

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  1. A beautiful birthday greeting for two beautiful women. I am sure they are okay with you not being there with them yet though.


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