Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cowboy Gathering at the stockyards 2014

There is something about walking the old brick roads through the stockyards in downtown Ft Worth, Texas, that is so peaceful and laid back. Time seems to just stop and you can feel the tension just lift from your body. You can sense the past of the cowboys working the cattle drives through the streets. There is so much history in those stockyards. 
Each year, for so many years, my husband and I along with several friends, have attended the Cowboy Gathering at the stockyards with Red Steagall . We always love it! My favorite spot is the chuck wagon camps and seeing the old ranch wagons and the authenticity of the supply's used then and now. So many antiques to see on those wagons. The cooks still cooking the old ranch recipes and the smell of the hickory wood and the bread cooking is wonderful...
At the end of the day, each ranch is represented by competing at the Ranch Rodeo. It's not your everyday rodeo and if you haven't seen one, ya should at least once. There is sorting, branding, team roping, bareback broncs, wild cow milking, mutt butten for the little ranch kids, and so much more. There are no clowns, no bull rides, no barrel racing. Just the things that are still going on when working at the ranch.
As the end of the gathering comes to a close, ya really don't want to leave. We tip our hat to all those cowboys still working the American way, not being afraid to say "God" and still pray in a coliseum full of people. And Thanks to Red Steagall for keeping us all in the dream!

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