Monday, June 9, 2014

An Angel came to see her

It was a warm afternoon with just enough breeze to make being outside comfortable. 

Under the Oak tree in the back yard, my granddaughter sits quietly between her Papa and Nana as the three of us swing back and forth while time seems to come to a stillness. 
After a while her Papa gets up and leaves her and I alone and we continue to swing quietly. I'm not sure how long we had been swinging when her sweet little voice ask,  " Nana, did I tell you about my dream last night?" I say no, but ask her to tell me about it and I continue to swing and listen to what she had to say.
I dreamed that an Angel came to see me. She was much bigger than the grownups here. She was very bright and glowing and she was wearing a long white gown. 
The Angel had light golden hair and there was a hallo of brightness almost like a small cloud above her head. She had beautiful large white wings that spread way out behind her. She didn't talk but only stared at me for a long time and then... she was gone.

I kept swinging us back and forth as I listened to  her telling me about her dream and when she was done speaking I blinked back the tears and I gave her a big hug. " What do you think, Nana?" "Wow, what a beautiful Angel you have described!" I don't think it was a dream, I tell her. I believe a real Angel came to see you. You do, she asks. I really do, I answer...

We sat quietly for a little while longer, swinging back and forth. And as the breeze blew in our hair, and the birds in the Oak tree above us sang, she reaches her small hand  out and pats mine and tells me she loves me.

I will never forget our time on that warm afternoon while swinging under the Oak tree and her telling me about the Angel that came to see her. 

" I love you too", I answer...          

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  1. WOW! This is beautiful. I am so glad you wrote it down. She will love cherish all the blogs you have written,,,on day.


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