Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chasing the Rabbit down the Hole

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Alice: and she had a very curious dream.
Would you like to hear what it was that she dreamed about?
Well, this was the first thing that happened. A White Rabbit came running by, in a great hurry; and, just as it passed Alice, it stopped, and took its watch out of its pocket.
Wasn't that a funny thing? Did you ever see a Rabbit that had a watch, and a pocket to put it in? Of course, when a Rabbit has a watch, it must have a pocket to put it in: it would never do to carry it about in its mouth-and it wants its hands sometimes, to run about with.

"Oh dear, oh dear!" said the Rabbit. "I shall be too late!" What would it be too late for, I wonder? 
And so, when the White Rabbit ran away, Alice wanted to see what would happen to it; so she ran after it: and she ran, and she ran, till she tumbled right down the rabbit-hole.
And then she had a very long fall indeed. Down, and down, and down, till she began to wonder if she was going right through the World, so as to come out on the other side!
It was just like a very deep well: only there was no water in it. If anybody really had such a fall as that, it would kill them, most likely: but you know it doesn't hurt a bit to fall in a dream, because, all the time you think your're falling, you really are lying somewhere, safe and sound, and fast asleep!
However, this terrible fall came to an end at last, and down came Alice on a heap of sticks and dry leaves. But she wasn't a bit hurt, and up she jumped, and ran after the Rabbit again.

The tale above is from the book, Alice in Wonderland. There are a lot of days that I can relate to Alice chasing the rabbit down the hole, falling deeper into the dark, feeling like you may never hit bottom. Don't we all look into that rabbit hole and wonder where it leads? Don't we fall down from time to time? Don't we wonder where everyone's life's are going and how they will end? Don't we chase our dreams?
As I walked this morning in my quite time I thought a lot about that rabbit in life I keep chasing and feeling like I am getting nowhere. Then it hit me...I look down that rabbit hole everyday! I chase the things in my day that need to be done like housework, family, finances, health, life. I look in that dark hole everyday, not knowing how it will end, not knowing whats at the bottom. I think I will always chase rabbits down holes while I am on this earth. One day I wont look in that hole and wonder anymore. That will be the day I wont have to chase anymore rabbits and my dream will come true. 
When I walk, it is my quite time. My time to share with God. My time to think, scream, cry. God has shown me many dreams that I so often chase and the best thing about it is that he is at the bottom of that rabbit hole to catch me each time.

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  1. This is a truly great analogy. And yes, I am always looking down the rabbit hole. ;-)


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