Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with Spot

Saw my dermatologist last month and this SPOT came on my shoulder just since that last appointment. Right Shoulder Biopsy done this morning at 6:30 am. Like a fellow skin cancer blogger, Katie,  said this morning on her blog....who does that? Who rings in the year with a doctors appointment? Da! That would be me, Katie!
I will know the results next week some time. In the meantime, I'm ringing in the New Year with the hubby, dinner, and a show tonight.
Happy New Year 2013
Jan 9, 2013
I'm very Blessed! God continues his healing... 
Beat it again!!!


  1. Oh, dear. Please keep us posted. xo

  2. Betty I sure hope the results are in your favor. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Please post when you get a chance to let us know. I will be over to the NM BBS soon.

    Take care and a hopeful New Year to you!

  3. wow I hope it comes back fine . I didnt know you had this spot . You only said you was going to the Dr .

  4. Oh, no! I'm so sorry to read this. I will definitely be praying for you, your husband, and your family. As the others have mentioned, please post an update. You have such an upbeat, can-do attitude in the face of so much, but just remember when you get discouraged: you have many pulling for you!

  5. I know you are worried & I KNOW all our prayers WILL be answered! You have gone through a lot & have kept your head high. I love you sis!!

  6. Darn it Betty!! Prayers heading your way!!

  7. Thinking of you, and crossing everything I've got for a great outcome!

  8. Betty - sending good thoughts your way

  9. Hope all is well Betty and the results came back a okay.

  10. oh that is good news.... and .teaches all of us to count our blessings!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  11. Good to hear it Betty!!

  12. Oh, bummer! Well, I'm glad you went in and had it looked at. Even if it was on New Years. Thankfully, my biopsy came back normal. I'll be thinking of you!

  13. I have been really praying for you, and wondered if there was any update...glad I stopped by again to check that out! Wish the docs had just found nothing...but I guess this is the best outcome you could hope for. Whatever happens, I'm just so inspired by your upbeat attitude and faith. Believe me, I'll continue to pray for you!

    I've been just wanting to send some sunshine your way, and while there isn't really anything big or significant I can do for you, this little thought came to mind: Because I wanted to let you know I really appreciate the encouragement you provide me through your comments over at my blog, I just nominated you for the "Liebster Blog Award." Liebster means "dearest" and when I think of that word and the bloggers I know, you are one of the ones that comes to my mind.

    I've explained more about the Liebster Blog Award here.

    Thanks again for everything--not only for your encouragement to other bloggers, but for your own sweet stories in which you share your heart here on this blog, and the blogs with your courageous personal story and your family history research!

    Hope this brings a little sunshine your way :)


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