Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Hitch Hikers allowed

You see them from time to time as you travel down the interstate, those people who seem frozen in time. Some hold up signs with very little information except that they are going one way. Some hold up signs that you cant read because there wasn't enough time as your car drove by. Then there are those who just sit there, surrounded by their only belongings and maybe a dog as a companion. You've seen them, right?
When I was a child, I saw them all the time and wondered how far they had walked and how did they get here in the middle of no where. Do you help them? Do you stop and pick them up? What if they have only intentions of harm? So we drive on by and can only wish them luck. We live in a society where we hear all the depressing news of random shootings, murders, rapes, kidnapping, burglaries, and terrorism...Its no wonder we cant trust someone hitch hiking just to get to a place down the road! When I was a child, I can remember my my parents picking up a hitch hiker or two as we traveled. You just cant take that chance now.
I had this hitch hiker the other day...
 He was properly as scared of me as I was of him as I hurried and jumped in my car, feeling a little safer that he was still on the outside. Its called a "Walking Stick", not to get it mixed up with the praying Mantis. This one was about 6 inches long. You can see from my window and the side mirror how big he was. Like any hitch hiker, it gave me the creeps of the unknown....Will he fall off? Will he get to where hes traveling? Am I safe in my car?
This is the face of a Walking Stick...Scary, right?
He road over five miles with me. I finally had to call my daughter on my cell phone and ask her to step outside her place of business and bring a fly swatter to knock him off...His ride was over! No Hitch Hikers allowed!


  1. What an unusual hitchhiker! I've had spiders hang on for a wild ride down the road, but never a walking stick! What a face! Right out of a sci fi flick!

  2. EEEEK! I have never seen a picture of a stick's face! That is really strange.

  3. Hope he's not like a dog and can find his way back to your house . Hehe !

  4. wow. what an incredible shot!! pretty amazing really...

  5. Hi Betty, now that is one hitch hiker I wouldn't mind having come home with me. As for the others, I pass them by now too. There was a time when I was in my late teens that people hitch hiked to school and too work. I didn't do it, but I was never afraid to pick up people then, although I only did it if I had a person with me. Now I wouldn't even consider it.

  6. thanks for sharing...


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