Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are so alike, my sister and I

We are so alike, my sister and I! 
My sister flew in from Arizona this past Thursday and we drove to Florida to visit our brother.  When we returned from our trip, she was able to go to my swim aerobics , shop some, go to the doctor with me, go to the library with my granddaughter and I, and go on those early four mile walks with me.  We are so alike...she takes swim aerobics at home three days a week just like I do, and on the same days. We both love to shop, myself more when I have the money and we can even wear each others clothes.  We both seem to go to the doctor for almost the same tests and about the same time. She fights skin cancer and so do I. She has only one grandchild, and so do I. We are both called "Nana "and love to talk about how they have grown. We both love to walk. She on flat land, me on hills. We both watch our weight and try to stay healthy. We have so many other likes that its scary some times. We even say something at the same time, which comes out being the same words. We were even asked while she was here, if we were twins. Well, yes, but I'm the younger twin.  One day we both may need to take care of each other as old widowed ladies. We are so alike, my sister and I!


  1. Awesome post! Nice to have a great relationship with a sibling!

  2. How nice to spend some time with your sister. You two do look a lot alike!! Two very beautiful women!

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    your both CRAZY ! There are thing about you that aren't the same . She has one bad child , you have two SWEET kids . She is so city , your so country . She is wild , you are calm .

  4. Lori, you are too kind! Watch your back "A letter to a Friend"....I will be back! I do think we are a lot alike, sis! That is why we disagree so love you very much. Thank you for such a warm hearted & loving post! Hay, db, What do you mean "I'm the wild one???" What? Betty calm??? hummmm.


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