Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gingerbread Barn

One day Nana was baking gingerbread. "I will make a little Gingerbread Barn,"she said.
So she layed out flat all the shape's of a little barn. She made two good-sized walls. She had a roof, windows and a horse to look out the door. 
"There!" she said. "Now we'll have a little Gingerbread Barn of our own."
She had the assistance of two little elves, baby girl and Aunt Margie because it took a lot of hands to hold all those walls. 
"Oh my!" said the little old Nana at last.
"The Gingerbread Barn is falling down and the icing isn't holding the walls or the roof in place!" And that's what happened! The walls went up, the roof went on, and then it all collapsed.... 

Making a Gingerbread Barn is not as easy as it looked. When the roof fell in we laughed so hard, but we had fun. I think next year we will stick with Gingerbread men cookies....


  1. But you have to admit, the take-down process was just as delicious! ;)

  2. sorry it didnt work out !


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