Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Hair at the Team Roping

Sunday I went to watch my hubby compete in a Team roping event.
It rained from the time we got up to leave till we got back home that evening. Now, to start with, I'm one of those gals that normally has straight hair all compliments of my "Flat Iron". If my hair gets the least bit of humidity or dampness it starts growing... Bigger and BIGGER....
and B I G G E R !
When I got up yesterday morning to get ready, I flat ironed my hair as usual.
That didn't last long! I stepped out the door to get in the truck as hubby loaded the horses and it started growing! Then we stopped half way along the trip to make a pit stop and get something to drink. Yep, I got out of the truck. I could feel my hair growing...and trust me, I know when its getting the BIG hair-do.
We drive the rest of the way in the pouring down, hard to see with even the wipes going rain! When we finally get to
  the Roping Arena I stayed in the truck until I thought it was safely slowing down.
Now ya have to picture a Ropers wife, who sits and watches for hours in a grand stands. They have to carry several times with them to the stands to make those hours comfortable. I go, stadium chair, butane heater,  two extra bottles of butane, a small canvas cooler tote with a drink and apple, my iPad and phone to pass the time, a small blanket, and my heavy coat. Its a real juggling act to carry all that stuff and walk across the parking lot even when its not raining. Well, as soon as I started walking across the lot I could feel my BIG hair getting bigger as the drizzling rain dampened every inch of my head...  I give up!

By the time the roping was over I had a new look...
BIG, curly, wild and frizzy. I gave up! I snapped this photo when I got home .
I think this is more proof that I was one in my family has BIG HAIR! 

Next time, I'm wearing my hat!


  1. I kinda sympathize with you as I guess I have a little bit of the "Big Hair" symptoms, myself. I only have to worry about it when I'm back east during hot, humid summers. It's not a problem in the semi-arid place where I live now.

    On the other hand, I actually like the look in your second pic. A full head of hair is pretty, and wavy is nice, too. Never mind what's in fashion right now...enjoy the flexibility and sport two looks!

  2. I agree with Jacqi, I like your hair both ways. I wish my hair would look like "Big Hair" when it gets wet...ha....instead, mine is "Flat Head"!

  3. I was thinking about a hat the wholw]e time I was reading your post! LOL Bonnie Hunter told me to stop fighting the waves!! I use a flat iron too.

  4. hahahaha. My hair does the same thing!!!!


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