Sunday, November 20, 2011

That big smile on her face...PRICELESS

One of the bloggers I follow is Brandy, over at The Moody Fashionista who posted this fun project . She found this Thanksgiving project over at Treasures for tots and my granddaughter and I couldn't wait to make her one. I changed it up by using ribbon for the legs and two different size buttons for eyes.
 Materials needed:
White tee shirt - $ 5.99
Heat and Bo- $ 1.79
(the red package)
2 3" pieces of medium Black ribbon - $ .99
1 1 1/2" piece of 3/8" Red ribbon - $ .99
5 pieces of 9"w x 5 1/2"l fabric in pink, yellow, green , pastel strips and dark pink flower print  - $ 7.58
(this depends on how big your child's hands are)
2 large white button's -$ 1.79
2 small black button's -$ .99
Total =  $ 20.12 + tax
That big smile on her face...PRICELESS
 Trace your child's hands (or let them) on a piece of paper and cut out them out to use as templates.

 Following the directions on the Heat 'n Bond package, apply the Heat 'n Bond to all the fabric.
Using the templates, cut out the hands, the turkey's body, and it's beak. Arrange the hands on the shirt how you'd like them, and iron them down one by one. Place the turkey's body in the middle, Now iron down the turkey's body. Arrange the beak slightly over the wattle  red ribbon and iron it down. Sew on layered buttons for eyes.
It should look like this before face  and legs


  1. ahhhhh...I want you to be my Nana!


  2. That is just so cute Betty. Your granddaughter looks like she had a great time as well.

    God Bless,

  3. Very nice ideas! I still have a hand drawing of one my youngest daughter who is now 30.

  4. Awww :-) The shirt is almost as cute as the model!

  5. Completely adorable...and your sweet grand-daughter too. ;) Thanks for linking up today! Happy Monday ☺

  6. You are such a fun Nana! I can't wait until my grandson is 5 so he can do the fun projects with me. Baby girl is SOooooo beautiful.

  7. What a doll. I suspect you now have a committed crafter to deal with :-). I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  8. love it ! she had fun ! she said she was going to make something will out of school .
    love db

  9. love this and the Christmas tree you did!!


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