Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop the Clock

There are times in our life that we just want to stop the clock! One day we are playing with our school friends, then we blink and we are getting married, raising our children, and getting older. Seasons come and go changing our life style to adjust to the heat or the cold. Holidays that seem like they take forever to get here only pass by us at the end of that long awaited day.  Loved ones get older, sickness and diseases take them away from us, leaving us alone to wait our turn. One day you are rocking your baby girl in your arms and suddenly they are rocking theirs. Your hair was once vibrant with softness and color, now its coarse and gray. One day you are running and keeping up but then you blink and your having to use the walker just to get across the room.
There are times in our life that we just want to stop the clock! You look at old photos and try to remember the faded memories. You shut your eyes and try to hear the sound of the voice that's now gone. You walk into a room to get something but you cant remember what it was that was on your mind just two minutes before. One day your planning your vacation and the next day your planning ahead for your funeral. You work hard all your adult life to save and get ahead only to find out that when you get old and retire that it was really for nothing.
There are times in our life that we just want to stop the clock! Today is one of those days.


  1. There are a few minutes I wish I could take back. But once it is done it can't be redone. I like to stop the clock when I am having fun. But you know time keeps marching on and we can't stop it that is why we need to cheerish every minute we have of it. But the days just keep on going by and it seems like I don't get anything done important. I guess breathing right now is important. Love this is the third time i have wrote and lost two of them.

  2. Wow...depressing....this subject is too close to home! lololo
    I know what you mean & I too wish I could stop time.


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