Friday, August 12, 2011

I still remember that building

  When I was a little girl growing up My grandparents lived in Roxie, Mississippi located just 22.2 miles from Natchez. I cant tell you how many times we traveled that road. I was fascinated by one hugh building standing on the side of the road. It was like a big doll to me back then and it was a gas station at the time I first started noticing it.
Mammy's Cupboard was constructed around 1940 by Henry Gaude  to attract customers to the Shell Filling Station that was in Natchez for many years.  It was his wife who opened the truck stop for travelers to eat. The building has housed a number of different businesses ever since.
It sits beside Highway 61 just North of Natchez, a Mississippi River town with a long and celebrated history. When you see it, the first the first thing you do is look again. Was that a 28 foot women ?
Today it still fascinates me, I guess that why I saved this  newspaper article that my Mother gave me one day. Is there an unusual building or art on the side of the road that you still remember as a child? She will always be the doll on the side of the road to me.

note* click on the article to read in a larger view

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  1. Mammy building looks like the teepees in is it now? I'm blogging while I watch the Tennessee Titans play their first preseason've started making my bags again and this time I'm giving them away to the homeless women .....they need something better to hold their stuff besides a Kroger bag....we feed the homeless the 2nd Friday of each month with our church my blog for updates and new bags from the Cabin....Mel


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