Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The List

After a fast and furious morning in the rain, crossing the stops off my list...

The Drug Store

The Funeral Home to say goodbye to a friend

The Post Office

The Bank

The Beauty Shop to pick up my granddaughter

The Drive threw to get Lunch for the little one before returning her to her Mommy

 The room is silent . All I hear is the ticking of the clock and the chiming on the hour. The house is peaceful, and the rain has stopped.
The list is but an empty piece of paper now awaiting what tomorrow has in mind. Where does the day go....What was on your list today?


  1. My list for today is about half complete and I need to finish it when I get home. Number one thing on my list is to clean my extra bedroom when I get home. I liked this post..

  2. My list:
    7:45am - Woke up to a beautiful, but hot morning.
    8:15am - Sat in my comfortable chair & checked my E-bay account while watching the morning news with hubby while he played on his laptop as well.
    9:00am – Both hubby & I ate a bowl of cereal with bananas & took our vitamins.
    9:20am – I managed to go upstairs to make the bed & pick up the cloths tossed around the bedroom.
    9:45am – I washed my face, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, put on a bit of makeup, changed my cloths & went back down stairs.
    10:30am – Hubby went upstairs to take a shower. I went back on my laptop to play.
    1:05am – Hubby & I left for Lowes & the grocery store, but first we checked the mail & also mailed a few bills.
    11:25am – Went to Lowes 1st to check out a new (but cheap) patio umbrella for back yard (didn’t get one though). Bought a few small items & left.
    12:00pm – Went to Fry’s Grocery Store for a few things…having company this week end from California. Spent more than we hoped for ($82.00). We can NEVER leave a grocery store without spending too much!
    2:00pm – After leaving grocery store we got gas & then home.
    2:35pm – Unloaded the groceries, had lunch & now we are both sitting in our comphy spots playing on each of our laptops….
    Oh, the joy of retirement! But, the day has not ended yet…..lololo

  3. Hay, I like the Sister Countdown clock for Christmas. Pretty cool.

  4. Hi Betty,
    finally blogging again. We need to pull off a cyber Midsummer's Eve party by tomorrow night! Are you up to it?


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