Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Skin Cancer month

 As Summer approaches and many of you are going on vacation, running to the tanning beds, and lying in the sun...please take the time to protect yourself from the dangers. 
This is Skin Cancer awareness month and I hope you will take the time to read some of the blogs I follow and their fight with skin cancer:

Margi's Skin Cancer

My Skin Cancer Journal  (my own battle)

Protect yourself...wear Sunscreen!
I want to share this video I found on
 Em and Michael's Blog. Its worth watching!



  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2011

    Cute award !

  2. Betty, Thank you for this amazing award, I am so honored. I appreciate you and your blog so very much and am glad we have found our friendship. Thank you for what you do to bring awareness to skin cancer. You skin cancer journal is an amazing testimony that the world should see. You have definitely gone through the war and I know you face a battle every day. I will post this awesome award on my blog with pride. Thanks so much. Jana


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