Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do you ever feel faint

Today I got to go check out my granddaughters new pet, Griffin. Hes so cute and only a baby. Hes buckskin in color with a black stripe down his back. He is from a breed called the Fainting Goat.

 I can some what relate to this little fellow. In life we are scared all the time. Frightened of the unknown. Scared of noisy confusion.
 I sometimes feel like that goat....My Sunday school teacher would call it the DNA side of us.
 When people start coming in the church where we are still holding class and they are talking loud and disrupting the Sunday school class  thats still going on, I should fall over like I fainted. Maybe they would be quite the next time.
When I'm at the grocery store and people are blocking the isles with their buggy's, deep in conversation with another person and not bothering to excuse their self or scoot over so I can pass, I should fall over like I fainted and maybe they would not hog the isle  the next time.
When I am traveling down the interstate and someone keeps passing me just to move over in my lane and slow down again forcing me to pass and then they in turn pass again. I should pull over to the side of the road, get out and fall over like I fainted and perhaps when they look in the rear view mirror, it would scare them so that they would respect the other motorist.
When I'm having a bad day and nothing seems to be going right, I should just fall over like I fainted and maybe someone would stop to see if I'm doing alright and share a helpful hand.

I could think of many more examples when I could faint, but unlike that goat, its not bread into us humans. If we faint for some reason, its medical or from fright. Just think how long it would take for us to get through a day if we fainted as many times as Griffin. Todays sermon at church was about forgiveness . Perhaps God is using Griffen as an example that I should forgive all the noise, rudeness, confusing times, and bad days that I face. God did and he didn't faint!

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  1. oh please dont faint ! i cant help u up ............hahahahah!


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