Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have a confession

  I have a confession....My husband and I Don't watch football! Wait, don't throw those tomatoes and cheese-toes so hard...
As I am ducking to avoid the food coming at me at lighting speeds and my email and comments start jumping off the pages with hate mail, let me at least explain... 
I went to every football game in high school and supported my team. I watched  the Cowboys from time to time at home.  Being from Louisiana,  I have even watched the Saints about twice in the last thirty something years. The last time, just a few months ago, and that was  only because I had a small bet with my son in law that the Saints could beat the Cowboys. I confess to having channel jumped from a good movie and back to the Super Bowl... But just to see the new and funniest commercials or  the halftime entertainment.

 But MY HUSBAND doesn't watch football as some husbands do. He isn't glued to the game or having the gang over for a super bowl party. He doesn't care a thing about it like my brother in law or our son in law. Heck, they would tackle you if you touched the remote or carried on a loud conversation in the room while the game is on. I never have to buy all that extra food and eat all those extra calories because its football night or ware that over sized jersey with someone's number on it. 
No, we don't watch football, but you can expect the RFD channel being on one, sometimes two of our TV's. 
My husband watches all the horse trainers, Ranch Rodeos, Cowboy Church, Cowboy cooking programs, or anything else related to the Cowboy and his horse...
Stop that! Stop already with the bologna sandwiches and chips hitting my computer screen. I know some of you, DONT make me stop following your blog's! I know there are many wife's out there that HATE football as much as Hunting season, which by the way... My husband doesn't hunt either. Those wife's are just wishing they were me and didn't have to always pretend they are watching the game and know why that man in tight leotards is being chased while holding on to an over sized egg shaped ball.

I guess there could be worse things in life than finding out there's someone who doesn't watch football. 
There could be someone out there that doesn't watch the cooking channels or the home shows....Now for that I could see being hit with that onion dip that just slid across my key board....I saw that, Scott...I'm going to tell your wife to hide the remote again!!


  1. Whyyyyy did your Brother have to have such a LOVE for Cars??? All I get to watch is Car Crazy,Pinks,Pass Time and what ever other car show that comes on...He also does not watch Football. So if we would of been at Scott and Marjie, Roy would of had to suffer through a football game or at your house through a cowboy show and if you came to our house you would of had to suffer with me through a car show Ha Ha..No, I love his love for cars I get to ride around in them and just look cute. ha ha RH

  2. OK, here is my Rebuttal:
    Very well put Betty! Anyone who knows us knows that my husband is a SPORTS NUT & that I am a SPORTS WIDOW, but I must say that I am fortionate that he stays home to watch all the games & is not out with the guys in bars & drinking all the time to prove his "man hood". I often think that if I ever lost him I would ask GOD "WHY did I hate it so much when Scott watched sports?". He loves to cook & shop (which most husbands hate) & it's fun during Super Bowl when he fixes "special" snack for the 2 of us & we watch the game together & yell & laugh & "high 5". Finally, after 43 years together, I have accepted sports in my life & I have to admit...I actually enjoyed the Super Bowl game yesterday. A lot of husbands are interested in it cars, rodeos, racing, golf, playing the guitar...(or just anything), but at least, if we women are lucky, that's all they are interested in. I all the years of being a sports widow accepted that he is not going to change & I do not ever want to change him. Thank GOD for "our boys!". Remember....they love us more...."I hope"...lololo

  3. some people .all they talk about is football ....Matt .
    funny video

  4. Hay, I forgot to tell you "I loved that commercial" I wasn't impressed with most of them, but I did think of my grandson when I saw the one of Dark Vader & the car. It was so cute

  5. Oh JOY! Now it's Basket Ball, then Baseball!! OH Scott is surfing the channels for the Cowboy channel! What is next???? Betty, can I go live with you???


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