Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Mix Between Little Red Riding Hood and The Abdominal Snowman

Getting out of bed this morning to get dressed for my early walk, it was a cold 18 degrees with a chill factor of only 3.
Now thats cold so I went and crawled back under the warm covers. I thought maybe if I wait just a bit it would warm up. I couldn't stand it by 9 am and really didn't want to have to walk on the tread mill again, as I was forced to do yesterday because of the rain storm we had. So I began to dress to face the cold outside that had only warmed up to 21 degrees. I put on extra layers of clothing...
 One full pair of Thermal underwear, one pair of Insulted jeans, 1 pair of wool socks, one head and ear band, one blue sweat shirt, one Red hooded jacket, two pair of wool gloves, one pair of hand warmers, one pair of feet warmers, my 38, and a pair of walking tennis shoes…..
As I waddle down the road looking like a mix between Little Red Riding Hood and The Abdominal Snowman, my nose starts to run from the freezing winds. Remember that old saying your mom would tell you about not touching your tongue to a cold pole outside when its cold because it will freeze to it?

Well, try blowing your nose with a Kleenex when you cant feel your frozen nose anyway and then it freezes. And that wasn't all. The wind was blowing so bad that it made my eyes tear up. Talk about ice cycles forming.  
And don't let that sun peeping through fool you that its warm! Nope, it didn't warm things up at all. It was just teasing me. 

Well, I did manage to finish 4 miles despite the weather. Theres no telling what old man winter has in store to throw at me tomorrow, but one things for sure...
He wont stop me from walking!


  1. Great job keeping up even in the weather! Love the title of this post, too funny.

  2. Good Lord, that is incredibly cold. Sorry, I draw the line at 3 I draw the line at 35 degrees.

    You are amazing. Jana

  3. Okay! AWesome sauce. You're so loyal ya' know that? Definetly one of my very best followers. I think I'm gonna have to have a "best followers" award drawn up. I think I think I might. ;)

  4. My goodness Betty! I think it may have been the same temp there as it is here! You were dressed for walking in MN!

  5. And I thought 50 degrees was cold! I think you are a die-hard for sure. I wish I had your drive. I love my warm covers & the comfort of hot coco while you are trucking along in the freeeeezing cold. I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. Maybe you will inspire me. It's not much fun walking alone. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC JOB!


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