Friday, January 28, 2011

Painting with a Twist

Last night I did something out of my comfort zone and went to a "Painting with a Twist" class in Shreveport with my youngest daughter and friends. I really didn't know what to expect and it had been years since my high school art classes. You don't need supply's, they furnish everything from the easel, canvas, paint, brushes, and even an apron to protect your clothes. All you need to do is reserve the class you want to take, grab a friend or two and show up. 
When the class began, the instructor takes you through each step and the color paint and brush you should use. I was following fine until she went from the circles to the  Fleur de Lis, then she got faster in her painting. She kept reminding us that no ones will look like the other persons and to add your own touch as you go. 


I have to admit, this was fun and sharing it with my daughter and friends made it a special adventure. My mother loved to paint when I was growing up and sold several of her oil paintings. She had a talent for it. Me, on the other hand, loved art class in school and that was as far as it went. After getting home last night with my finished painting, I couldn't wait for my husband to see what I had done. He looked at it and all he said was , What is it and what are ya going to do with that thing? OK, so what if I'm not the next Van Gouh. I had fun!.....By the way honey, I thought I'd hang it on your side of the bed so it will be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

Circle Fleur de Lis by Betty

Circle of Friends...priceless


  1. You just gave me my smile of the day!

  2. It was a lot of fun! I would love to take Delana for her birthday or one day just the 3 of us go for fun! I love you and was happy that we went to Painting with a Twist!!! S.H

  3. Wow. Looks like lots of fun. I wish they had something like that near me. You both did such a beautiful job. Think you could pain something for me? GREAT JOB.

  4. That looks like a blast. I loved the outcome of your painting. It is wonderful to spend time with your daughter in that super fun way. Nice work. Jana

  5. looks like you girls had fun . you all did nice work

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. What a great time and you get a your own piece of art to take home. Love it!

  7. Your Mom would of been Real Proud of you and Summer!! I know that was her joy was to paint and she did such a Great job at it. She would of Loved the pieces. You both did such a good job it looked like it would of taken a long time to finish the picture. Oh Marjie bout time he is so Cuteeee! Love RH

  8. looks like so much fun!
    I took a ceramics class once. There is something so relaxing about a paint brush ;-).
    What a great way to spend time with friends!

  9. FUN!!!

    i also wanted to let you know your email is not enabled. i know you grabbed the button from my blog and maybe you have no idea or you think you fixed it but i still cannot reply to your comments via email. shoot me a note and i will help you fix that.

  10. It was such a blast! I'm so glad I went with you guys.....with your daughter (Summer) being my BFF and E.Adams

  11. Thank you for your comment! I'm sorry comments aren't working on my other blog...I will check that out asap and see what's wrong.

    ~Hannah Grace


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