Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yesterday's Surgery

Hospital called the evening before (Thursday) and scheduled me from 7 to 5 am. Got up at 3 and we left by 4. When we arrived in Shreveport and checked in they didn’t come get me to check in until 6 to put me in a bed. They started the IV and I talked to the Anesthesiologist. Thought I was about to go, but my doctor had his nurse come with a wheel chair to take me to his office on the ninth floor. She said he wanted to insert another tritium marker….What? I haven’t even had anything in that IV yet to calm me and he wants to do this now? He walked in the exam room and said he was sorry, but he wanted to do that and leave a needle in place also. It hurt, believe me. The nurse came back to the room where they were waiting to take me to surgery. The last I knew was that ride down the hall until I woke up an hour and a half later in recovery. When they took me back to the room the doctor had already talked to my husband and had left. He told him he took a pretty big section out and they would cut it up, take a look, and he would call Tuesday or Wednesday.
I’m waiting again! The Hugh bandages are uncomfortable and it burns inside, The incision is nearly all the way across, but other wise I feel ok. My husband has been so sweet, taking really good care of me. What ever the outcome of the news, I’ll have him by my side and loving me no matter what. To those that have been where I am today, I know you understand. I will update as soon as I hear.

December 18, 2010
It was was BENIGN!
Doctors office finally called today and gave me GOOD news. Its beginning to look like Christmas. All I could do was cry afterwards, I guess it had built up waiting after first biopsy abnormal and then having to have surgery last week. He said the tissue sample was large enough to catch the abnormal cells and he will see me Jan 3 for suture removal. I will have to go every so many months for ultrasound, I have a smaller size bra to look for, and I have a good size incision that may leave scaring....but hay, ITS BENIGN! 


  1. "hugs" the waiting must be the hardest thing!

  2. love you ! sorry you have to go though this ! Im praying it comes back good news .

  3. DONT you worry about this old mommy. God is taking care of this! I may ware an A/B bra now but that is better than an -A...right?

  4. You are a lot stronger than me. I know you will Prevail. You always do. Love you sis! Hang in there.

  5. I just now read this I thought all this time you have not beeen bloging my favorite kept taking me back to the time your nutrimirrow friend was at your home....Well, I am Glad i finally figured it out you must of thought i was a nut.Glad everthing is ok and no cancer!Love rh


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