Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am so Blessed

"Happy Thanksgiving 2010"
I am thankful for my God, who has never left my side, never talked bad about me, never gave up on me, never stopped believing in me.
I am thankful for my family. A wonderful partner in life who loves me, Two beautiful daughters with beautiful souls and kindness to share, For my Two sons-in-laws that take care of our daughters by caring for them, supporting them, and loving them. And for my Sweet, loving granddaughter who is the blessing that God gave us to love back.
I am thankful for my home, a warm bed, food on our table. 
I am thankful for my sister. who is my friend, who is always there for me. And for my brother who makes me smile and loves me.
I am thankful that even thou my husband and I have faced so many health problems this year, that we still are alive and that we have so much to live for.
I am very blessed and thankful that I am! 
"Happy Thanksgiving", from our home to yours. 


  1. We all have a lot to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! hope u had a good day .
    may biggest thankful is Em's health .
    Thankful my mom & dad are here to shear more time with, Summer who will be so sweet to get me lunch (ha) .


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