Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't blink

(click on the eye to watch time blink away)

What a busy day. Seems like this was a long day but its gone in a flash. Where does time go?  I blogged about this before back in May . Did it fly out the window? Did the clock get turned forward or backward? Did we blink, close our eyes and now its day break again? I don't know about you, but after my walk, running errands, house cleaning, shopping, picking up the grandchild, and having dinner out with the hubby…I’m tired! But I love it that way! I wouldn't want it any different.....

Tomorrows the beginning of another busy day with the hubby...."here we go again"

(click on the cowboy)


  1. wow that was the 1st time I seen dad rope a big cow !

  2. Yea, he told Emily thats what happens when ya dont hang on to your saddle.

  3. Time is to be spent with your husband,kids and grandikids! The time we get to spend with the rest of the family is A big bonus!! Time goes by so fast. And we don't want to spend it doing things that is not going to make all of us happy !We all had a great time today at Noah birthday he is three. My kids all get to speak their own minds we don't keep them from saying how they feel. They all listen to each other an keep on loving each other even when someone says something they do not agree with. Everyone has different views of things open minded not close minded only one way. We all need to be happy an not try to evaluate what every one says an just love them for what they are an not try to memorize every word they say for future use. Life is just to short an u can't do it over.

  4. Wow...well put Betty. Time DOES slip away!! I love the two cartoons. You are so funny.
    Happy B-Day Noah. Enjoy being a small child while you can!


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