Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is me after 1 gallon of Yuk

Ok, here’s the new update. I will be on a liquid diet all day tomorrow which the doctor said only includes:
· 7-up or sprite
· Yellow or green Jell-O
· Clear broth
· Water
· Popsicles if they aren’t red, orange, or blue
For supper I get to drink 1 gallon of white looking Yuk. ( Colyte/NuLytely) Did I say it was 1 gallon? At 4 pm, 1 glass every 10 minutes until gone. It looks like they are gonna poison me with a gallon of degreaser! After midnight I have to fast. At 8:30 Thursday I have to be on one side of Shreveport at one hospital to have a Ultrasound, and then go to the other side of Shreveport to another hospital for an upper and lower GI series. Sounds gross, I know! But my doctor thinks he’s already 90 percent sure it will be my Gallbladder. Does it make since to put me under to wake me up to send me to another hospital to take the green, useless organ out? I feel passed around!
The funny side of all this, that I have to share about all this yuk, is that my husband said If I wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, that means they used the same tube down my throat as they did up my……
I was told by my Sunday school teacher to tell them before I go to sleep that I am willing to pay the extra ten dollars that the Obama plan won’t pay, in order to have two different tubes!
If you have any liquid recipes please tell them to me. If you can sneak in and at least color my logs green, I will go under knowing I was at least in the right color scheme. And last, your all welcome to use those low calorie number’s that will show on my logs the next two days as a Pick Three lottery ticket!

Update 10-2-10

Sonogram normal. Upper (EGD with biopsy)  and lower GI  (Colonoscopy) went well. No Cancer, No polyp's, No ulcers. There is a fold in my Gallbladder so doctor still thinks it will be coming out. I have another x-ray test with radiation ( HIDA scan )  this Tuesday that I will have by IV. I'm sure it will be painful!
The good news is NO CANCER!!! To be continued........


  1. good thing they keep u in the hospital u would blow James away with all the Gas they will pump in u...to bad u can't put all that gas in your car.....if it is your gall bladder they will find out soon!! Happy Fasting love that liquid diet.....

  2. hope u eat something GOOD you havent had in a long time after this is over. u should forget couting for 1 day . hope all goes good thursday ! love u ! dont forget your ring .

  3. should have had something good last night for my last meal...what was I thinking...
    Tell littlebit I have my ring and will be wearing it. Love u too! nite zzzzzz

  4. Yeahaw....I'm eating real food!

  5. hope it was the BEST

  6. I had to drink that "yuk" once! I found it quit tasty....not!!! Anyway, I would have a large hamburger after this...ha. I am glad you are OK sis.

  7. I bet you blew James away for once...ha No cabbage for you tonight...oh, that's right, you don't eat cabbage...well, no eggs for you.

  8. Hope everything goes well. Thninking of you.

  9. the updates are getting Better!Love Renea


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