Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The little things of life that we take for granted

The little things of life that we take for granted.....and still complain about;
The air conditioner that keeps us cool, but why do we cover up with a throw all Summer?
The stove that cooks our food, but why do we heat up the house doing so?
The Electricity that shines threw out the house, but why do I look up and see all the lights in the house on?
The rain hitting the top of the roof, but why do I wish for the sun to shine when my garden needs watered?
The noise of the ice as it falls in the ice maker, but why do I wish for the quite when I need the ice for a cool drink?
The mail to run each day, but why do I wish the bills would quit coming?
The freedom of not working, but why do I wish for more money in the bank?
The food on our table, but why do I wish for something different to eat?
The wash machine, but why do I complain that I wash everyday?
The news channel on TV, but why do I complain about all the bad news it talks about?
The soft bed I lie on at night, but why do I awake like someone beat me up all night?
The clothes on my back that I wear, but why is it I walk in my closet and complain I never have anything to wear?
The blog your reading, but why is it no one hardly comments or joins?
The time it took me to list these, but why is it I'll never get that time back?
The clean house I live in, but why is it always dusty?

Can you think of ten more?


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    tv nothing on ,can't live w/out it.
    our friends , but love them.
    time to pass faster ,but wish for more time.
    summer - wish for winter . winter - wish for summer.
    (as a kid )school , (now) wish u was back in school.
    the water bill, but its fun to play in with your kids.
    you have a beautiful grandchild , but wish for more.
    healthy teeth, but the dentist bill is so much ($4,000.)
    I only can think of 8 .

  2. db,
    lots of land to build on, but house is a dream away
    hvaing fun playing all day with your daughter, but cant wait til bedtime.


  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    wish for rain , but hate to mow the yard

  4. Eat a good dinner, but wish you had'nt.


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