Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomorrow is a new path on the journey

1245199017X1t1d1 I was laid off last September as most of you know. I went through being depressed, weight gain, hated just being me….pity, pity, pity…..poor me!
Doesn't sound like the person on my past posts with the positive attitude? That's because I turned things around in my life, took control, gave myself a hard shake. I found NutriMirror, which totally turned mine and my husbands eating habits around. I am so thankful we did too. NutriMirror is not a diet, and believe me, I've tried them all! I have lost weight with some, but always gained it back ,plus more. NutriMirror taught me how; is still teaching me how. The support I get from people I have never talked to in person, never meet, is so rewarding. I feel so much friendship, like I have known them all my life. My weight, and my husbands dropped off like taking an onion and peeling it layer for layer to find there is a butterfly in the middle.
Well, …. Its been seven months doing and taking care of ME! 
I am very proud of the new me, I and my husband over met our weight goals, we now walk and run, have new wardrobes, look better, act better, smile and laugh more, and the best part…..we are not letting food control our lives anymore. Yes, we will continue logging our food! We aren’t leaving our NutriMirror life or family….this is our life!
Scared? Yes, I’m scared of the time change for my outdoor walks and runs! I will be getting up 30 minutes earlier so to get out of the house before 6 am for that. I will be in the dark instead of the early sunrise . We sprang forward, remember? My brother in law told me I will get fat again; he thinks I will go back to old eating habits….Wrong. The walking and running is going to be the hardest part of adjusting to the new time. Heck, I have a 5K coming up very soon in April. …..I will take this one day at a time until I adjust, and I will adjust. I feel like the baby bird getting pushed out of the nest……..Fly! GO OUT AND SPREAD YOUR  WINGS! Take what you have learned in these seven months and put it to life without your hand being held!
 I  love being home and doing my own thing I will still be around for a long time!!!!!

*This post was updated, as you may have noticed if you had read it Monday. I turned the job down! I love being home, and as long as I can... I'm not saying the time will never come, but for now I'm not ready to leave the nest and go to work!


  1. I hope you are liking your new job . Stay safe walking that early in the morning ! love you

  2. Congrats on the job, best of luck and I'm sure you'll be amazing.

    Hooray for NM.

  3. You go girlfriend! I am so proud of you. Hay, when you decide to re-retire....let me know..ha

  4. Updated my post Tuesday am. Thank you Amy, db, and Anonymous for the support and cheers. But as you see, I turned it down.

  5. I love the little birdy jumping out of the nest. Good for you recognizing what you are ready for and how to manage it. You will figure your a right schedule for your workouts! I'm having a better time of it since the time change. I am not a morning person and I jog at night, so I get more light in the evening time. Maybe the early evening will work better. I'm so excited for your life and marriage ahead!

  6. maybe one day a nice part time job will come along and then you will be able to have both { home time some days , money other days . }
    love you

  7. You know what is best for you! Love Renea and your Bro

  8. That's so awesome that you can stay home!

    Check out my new blog when you get a minute!



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