Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air

It was a cloudy morning with a forecast of 70 % chance of  rain by noon. I stepped out of the house a little earlier this morning as I try to beat the rain from messing up my walk.  The first thing I was noticed was the sound of so many birds singing their hearts out. I have said this before….that sound of the birds singing early in the cool morning always brings me back as a child ,of being on the front porch with my grandfather back in Mississippi, swinging in the porch swing. So peaceful, so laid back, no worries or cares. Just the timeless click of the chain as we swung listening to the birds sing. I can still hear the Bobwhite in the background….can you hear it…..Bob…white…B..o.b.white... (if you click on Bob you can go hear them)
I walk a little further and take daffodilsnotice of the daffodils starting to sprout out of the ground everywhere you look. It is as if someone dipped a paint brush in yellow paint over night and sprinkled the pastures and lawns with these yellow flowers. I always think about the  Easter holidays when I see them.
I walk on and the wind is blowing lightly across my face, it is still clouding up ,yet the air is clean and you can smell the freshness of the dew on the grass. A squirrel darts across the road and up a tree, most likely to find its breakfast of acorns he has stashed in a knot hole. The school busses pass me taking kids to school and I am reminded that there is only two months left until school is out. Then the passing traffic will be less on my walks.
I can feel Spring in the air and I see all the signs as I walk this morning. Soon it will be hot and humid in Louisiana and the cycle starts all over. I have walked and ran through the cold winter days, rain and drizzle, fog, heavy frost and even snow….but I think the best walks are those to come in the next month…….The ones that are full of birds singing their hearts out, the crispness of the flowers as they reach for the  morning sky, the squirrels as they play in the trees, and the laughter of the children in their yards……..So what if its going to rain today…. I had a great walk and found the signs of Spring is  the air.f996abc3e5f9ba8c

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  1. Beautiful flowers! I too anticipate the fullness of spring. :o)


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