Friday, February 26, 2010

Rain, rain, go away, your not gonna mess up my day!

6496c4bb8003c4e4  Woke up this morning to what else….rain. Hoping it was going to stop and just be a light drizzle, I dressed and was stepping out the door, but came right back in. I  have walked in worse but it was just nasty out. So, I got changed in some sweats and settled down on the couch with my laptop with intensions of catching up on  reading blogs.
Stop it! What are you doing?…… Who said that?….Who was that whispering in my ear?…….Oh its me! I was right, I wasn't gonna let that rain stop me from getting a walk in today!  So I got up off that couch, as comfortable and lazy as  it seemed at the moment. I popped in my Leslie Samson's DVD tape…"5 Mile Fat burning Walk". I love this DVD of hers because you get walking, jogging, and high impact exercise all in one. I am so glad I got that talk from myself, listened, and got off the couch. Boy it feels good to be in control! 
Rain, rain, still want you to go away…..But you didn't mess up my day!183c5cca5ef2526a


  1. It is raining here tonight too! I'm so glad you did it! I saw that DVD in the store and thought of you the other day. Great job!

  2. how great is it that you got up and got the job done - good for you!


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