Friday, February 19, 2010

Live Smile Run

 Meghann's Blog as she was preparing for her the Disney marathon had written a post in which she went to an expo to pick up her race package and bought a t-shirt from the  Running Princess. When Syl saw the T-shirt she bought she BECAME OBSESSED and HAD TO HAVE IT! Now she is giving one lucky winner one also!
She emailed Meghann to find out if this was a shirt that was only available through the Expo. She kindly responded and told gave Syl a link to the shirt . She then quickly contacted the company and asked if they ship to Canada...long story short they do and her shirt is on its way!!!!
This shirt DOES SCREAM SYL!!!!! It also screams our little Princess!!!!!
There is nothing that puts a smile one our granddaughters face faster than anything PINK, and thats what would happen if she saw her Nana wearing this shirt! If I win this shirt I will wear it to 5K in Shreveport, Louisiana in April.

Our Princess
 Syl you are an awesome role model for all newbie’s starting out in the running world. I just posted 2 Saturdays back about my first 10K.

Contest closes Friday February 26th! Good luck!


  1. Hello! I usually wrap the bags in a ziplock bag. I only freeze them for a couple of hours so they never turn brown.

    Sometimes I have bananas in the freezer for months and they don't turn too brown. I really don't notice a difference in taste. I use the "browner" ones in shakes.

    Hope this helps.

    You can also wrap in saran wrap individually, but I throw a bunch into one bag.

  2. Thanks....We love our little Princess

  3. How cute! I love that pink flower head band! :o)


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