Sunday, April 29, 2018

Time is passing on

Time passes on. The days run together one by one, month by month, year by year. The old get older, the young get older. Baby's keep getting born and love ones keep passing on.
When I was thirteen I can remember thinking that my parents were Old and my grandparents were ancient. I could only dream that I would grow up, meet the right partner in life to love, get married, and have children. Those dreams became real life. Just two years later I met the man that God had planned for me before I ever was born.  It wasn't over night though...Time passed on. The days, months, and years ran together and although we wrote for five years after only meeting once and seeing each other only three times, God  brought us together and we were married. We were young and never thought much about time, never seeing that it was passing so fast. We had two children and as we raised our daughters and saw them turn into young ladies, we still didn't grasp the concept of how fast our life was passing.
We worked, played, traveled, laughed, loved, mourn the lost of so many loved ones. And somewhere in that time we aged, had our share of health problems, and slowed down. We saw the faces in our mirrors looking back as if  strangers was living with us, but our minds still felt like the young couple we were when we first met. They were screaming at us to enjoy the life we had left, take each day, each month, each year one day at a time.
Then, we became grandparents and trying to keep up with young ones again and hoping we could keep up. Now we can only dream that we will  see them grow up, be there to love them, teach them about life.  We could only dream we would see them to graduate from school , college, and get married one day.
 Time is passing on faster now and the days are getting shorter, the months and years turn into minutes now. We look  ahead at our retirement. We plan for the future how ever short it will be. We save for our kids and our grandchildren in hopes to leave them what we worked so hard for  all these years. We even plan our last days, our last breath, and our funerals.
Time is still passing on. The days are running together one by one, month by month, and praying for year by future year.  Forty- three years later I still love the young man I saw years ago. The wrinkles don't matter, the gray hair doesn't matter, and even the thought of the little time we may have left doesn't matter. Because one day soon, on Gods terms of time in days, months and years, we will start again. We will be hand in hand, young in mind and body for Eternity. And one day our children and our Grandchildren will join in on the reunion. There will be no more time ticking, no calendar.
So for now we will enjoy the life we have, the time we have, and the love we have to share.

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