Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fun times with Siblings

Time went by so fast and new memories were made with my Sister and Brother. Margie was here eleven days and we stayed busy the whole time. She probably needed to go home just to rest. Were not as young, but were both very active. She flew in on a Tuesday. Wednesday, I had her up early to go to Swim Aerobics with me and then shopping in Shreveport the rest of the day. On Thursday morning we were on our way to Canton Texas Trade days, leaving at 5:00 am. We spent the entire day there with my daughter, Summer. Still no rest for the weary....On Friday, we were back to another Swim Aerobics class and a evening walk before dinner. Our Brother Roy and wife, Renea came in from Florida on Saturday. Our home was full with our Grandchildren keeping all of us laughing and entertained throughout the day. We had a great time catching up and then we hit the morning running on Sunday....Everyone took in a show in Shreveport at the new Luxury Lounging Theater and then meeting up with my Hubby for Mexican food that evening. We all went to the Cemetery on the way home to visit our Moms grave and this years Flowers were beautiful that the three of us got for her headstone. Our Mother will be gone nineteen years this September and its still hard on us every time we visit her. Monday morning our Brother had to go home and I think my Sister thought she would get to rest....No, are ya kidding, Sis? Dinner with Hubby and I in Minden. Swim Aerobics class again Monday morning and back to Shreveport to shop. On Tuesday morning Margie and I went to Bossier City to float in the Float Pods for an hour. So relaxing. Floating in 800 pounds of Epsom salt water. We both enjoyed that. Then it was off to lunch, a little shopping, and meeting a friend at her home. Wednesday we walked at 6:30 am for an hour at the Reck Center and went to Swim Aerobics. Took Margie to see Virginia for about three hours and then slowed down the rest of the day to do some computer things she wanted to learn. Thursday we were back in Shreveport to shop one last time and this time taking my youngest granddaughter with us. Lunch in Bossier and a few more stores before going home. Okay....I did let her rest a few hours that evening but just long enough to catch her breath before Friday morning...Up and out the door to walk an hour at the Reck again at 6:30 a.m., then back to Swim Aerobics , lunch, pack, and leave for the airport to catch the 4:45 jumper to Dallas and then Phoenix... What ya bet she took a nap on the plane and slept in the next morning. She had to go home to rest. Ha, ha....No, really, she was so tired by the end of her visit but we had a good time and made some new memories.
 Canton , Texas TradeDays

Swim Aerobics

 Shreveport Cinemark Luxury Lounge Theater

 Bossier, La. Drift Away Float Therapy
  Gilgal Cemetery Minden, La.

 Shopping in Shreveport

Until Next time Sis....Get some rest


  1. WOW! What a great synopsis of our events during my visit. If I wasn't tired by the time I got home...I am now just from remembering all we Thank you so very much for a wonderful time. I am also happy that I saw Roy & Renea, & Virginia while there. Love you, Sis! <3

    1. Lol... I was tired just writing it. No wonder you had no energy...


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