Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Taking the Grands to see Santa

After trying to take a few photos of the grand's in front of the tree and not getting much accomplished , Nana and Papa loaded the three of them in the truck and made the 45 minute trip to Bossier City's Bass Pro on the Boardwalk. The three sat in the back seat, oldest in the middle of the little ones in their car seats and a whole lot of fussing over who gets to hold what toy. We arrived at the Boardwalk just to find out there's no parking spaces and we had to park in the north forty and push the two strollers a long way. Get in side the Bass Pro and it was busy. Stood in a line that stretched across the whole store to see Santa Claus. They were so good in line that 30 minutes... Sweet baby's. We get to our turn and I asked Santa if we could get a group photo and one of them separate. Sure , he says with a twinkle in his eyes. The grandson begins to cry which made the youngest cry... Santa says we better get the group and hurry. Needless to say, they kept crying.
We load them back up in the strollers, walk back to the north forty to the truck and get them back in their seats. The oldest jumped in the front seat, my seat, and that leaves me the spot between the baby's in the back. Traffic is horrible! It took us an hour and a half to go what normally takes 15 minutes. We get to the interstate and homeward bound. A nap would be good, if they would just go to sleep. Are you kidding me! The only one that gets to rest is the oldest in the front seat.
The house is quite now and the grand's went home with their parents... can't wait to see them tomorrow !!! Miss and love them already! Nothing like being a grandparent! Lol

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