Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Christmas 2016

Dear Santa,

2016 is nearly over.
I’ve been trying to be good.
I’ve practiced hard and roped the cattle
like a proper cowboy should.
I’ve led them to the back pasture,
and I’ve led them through the arena frames. I’ve pushed them through the gates
in the winter rains.

The gifts you brought me a year ago,
they certainly were swell.
I like the boots. I like the vest.
I like the hat as well.
The saddle’s still as good as new.
I try to keep it clean.
The bridle, bit, and stirrups are
the best I’ve ever seen.

I’ll keep this letter simple.
You’re a busy buckaroo.
The gifts you brought a year ago
are mighty fine—it’s true.
It’s not that I’m complaining Santa.
I was much obliged, of course.
The pogo stick was dandy,
but Santa… I
really need a horse!

Merry Christmas

               The Hall’s,        

 This year has been full of blessings. Emily turned 10, shot her first squirrel, and has been on the A honor roll all year again. Jake will soon be 2, talks all the time, counts to nine, and loves outdoors. Holly turned 1, says about a dozen words, and started taking steps on her own. They are all three the love of our hearts and keep their Nana and Papa young.  Our daughters and spouses are doing well and James and I are in good health as we settle into the Medicare years. He’s still roping from time to time and I just finished a year challenge and walked over 1180 miles in one year.  God is so good! As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we want to stop and give thanks that he is in our life daily. Our prayer this year is for peace for our Country and our New Leaders. We pray for those that are lost and that they will turn to God. We pray for those that have lost loved ones this year and for God to comfort them. 

 Soon the gifts will be unwrapped, the dinner all eaten, the sounds of family and laughter will be silent as they return to their homes and James and I will be left with hearts full of love and new memory’s made. We wish all our Family and Friends the same joy.

A Merry Christmas and a blessed year to come in 2017.
           Merry Christmas
               The Hall’s      



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